Studio Log 07/06/18

I’m trying to get it all to work. (I’m disregarding my hubs, who tells me that I get TONS of things done and that I work A LOT.)

I think my residency from May at Lacawac spoiled me. The abundance of time to draw and think, the slow meandering long walks I would take in the forest spotting different plants, getting squawked at by falcons while trying to befriend shy turtles, has surely spoiled me.

Now it’s back to the harder marathon challenge of trying to get as much studio time squeezed out of my every day.  My day’s trajectory is mainly getting to work as soon as I can and then jetting from work to home to my small corner studio. I manage to incorporate exercise into my commute (and actually get to work quicker) biking to and from work, 12 miles a day. I do it mostly in spite. Traffic jams are excruciating.

During the residency I questioningly prodded how I make a drawing. How do you know if you’re getting something right? Or wrong? When is a drawing slipping into other boundaries that you haven’t fully realized? My experience in art and in life is whether or not I’m missing something. I’m starting to understand that there is a line, slippery and thin, between being critical with your work and self doubt, which is better to move on from. Self doubt isn’t the jelly I want butter a beautiful slice of bread with.

Notebook sketch with notes to self about blogging from a few days ago, and my new fancy-smancy pencil stub holder.

Evening shift at my corner studio

All of my questioning and gentle prodding during the residency has left me with many odds-and-ends type of drawings. I’m only hoping they provide some threads back to different mazes of thought, without too much difficulty.