Bio & Statement



Sarah Morejohn earned a BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Oregon in 2011. For the past six years she has been devoted to her artistic practice and has exhibited in art centers and galleries as well as volunteering for arts organizations and museums. Sarah has exhibited in galleries on both the East and West Coast: Kenise Barnes Fine Art (NY), Schema Projects (NY), Victory Hall Drawing Rooms (NJ), Collar Works (NY), Whipple Fine Art Gallery (OR), The Art Center of Corvallis (OR), and Verum Ultimum Gallery (OR), and Umpqua Valley Arts Association (OR). After living in Oregon for most of her life, she now lives and works in Princeton, New Jersey.


My work is a language of delicacy and wonder. By making drawings with dots of ink I am beholden to time and patience. Repetition and place-making are important to my work in the way that taking a walk may yield different discoveries about a place while going along the same route. A body of work starts from a reference point that slowly, over the course of many drawings, transforms into a different sense of place. Evolving on a personal and intuitive level my work has lead me to find a common ground between the poetic and scientific, how nature can be explored and related to in its micro and macro worlds. I explore ideas of the environment, otherness, and the physics found in patterns in nature.

Recently I have been interested in the many forms of snow crystals and have been exploring an abstract visual lexicon about them. I have been imagining snow crystals as more than frozen water and sixfold symmetry. As a snow crystal falls what light would catch, reflecting out of its facets? As it hurtles out of a cloud what landscape would shine through its translucence? Could it be tinted with city dirt and grime, spreading microbes, seeds and spores? Within the snow crystal what would bud if it could fall forever? Could its growth describe a joy in a relationship or a war within one’s body? There is a boundary in my work between the scientific and the poetic, between nature and my personal relationship with it.